Saturday, September 28, 2013

 I have had some ask about my craft room, so I thought I would share it with you.

First, let me explain...
I am an empty nester who lives in a small home. I used to have my crafting supplies spread out everywhere and I would work on the dining room table! Well, it dawned on me one day.
I never used the dining room except to craft in, so why not just make it my craft room!
Now you have to understand...the dining room is in the middle of the house, so you have to see it when you walk thru the front door and go through it to the rest of the house. I didn't know if my husband would go for it. But to my surprise, he was ALL for it!
So we packed up my dining room furniture and put it in storage and went to IKEA!!!!

This is what you see from my kitchen:

And this is from the living room:

So I have to be pretty good, not perfect about keeping it clean! heehee

Now I wanted everything to be within arm's reach. I was tired of having to go here and there to gather up my supplies. I wanted it all in one place! 
So here it is:

This is the top of my desk on the left. This is where I keep my 6x6 pads and large designer paper pads, that I like to use the most often. I wrote the names with a black Sharpie on the edges, so I could see them more easily.

This is the middle of the desk. My main working area. As you can see, this is where I keep my glue, adhesives, sprays, Stickles, Liquid Pearl, brushes, scissors, All of my different black ink pads, etc.  
See my container full of Gelatos. It was the vase for some flowers that I received! 

And this is to the right on top of my desk. You can see my Copics are kept in a tableware basket!

My desk curves around and this is where I keep my Big Shot! 
I use it all the time, so I am glad I have a place to keep it out.
Behind it is a paper storage container from Michael's. As well as paper, I also keep my freezer paper,etc. On top you will see my tape, staplers, Xyron, etc.

As the desk curves you can see where my Cricket and sewing machine live.
I have a Silouette Portrait, but it lives in our office where our computer is.

I keep all of my punches in the left cabinet. The middle cabinets hold all of my dies. I have them in CD cases. The right cabinet has my embossing folders, embossing powders and miscellaneous stuff.

And then I have this big shelf unit behind my desk! This is where I keep my stamps, inks, embellishments and more paper!

I started by keeping my stamps in notebooks, but if you look closely, you will see I am trying to start the new storage method by Jennifer McGuire ( the green files).

 On top, is where I keep seasonal and not so often used supplies hidden the black boxes.

 My desk looks pretty clean right now. If only it would stay that way!

I picked up this storage unit from Michael's on sale!
I use the top 3 shelves for white, black and kraft paper!
The keyring hanging on it is my sponges for the Distress Inks. 
 This has been a great storage for my Mixed Media stuff!
And it is on wheels, so it moves around very easily!

That's it folks!
I love my craft area!

Thanks for stopping by!


Darnell said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Mackie! It's brilliantly organized and well lit and right in the middle of the action so you are part of it! I love how your desk curves around and, and, well I love ALL of it! Well done!! Hugs, Darnell

Laurie said...

I love it! So organized and fun to see! I love that big expedit. That's the last thing on my list next time I go. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jill Norwood said...

Mackie your room is lovely and so fun to be in the main area of the home! I often wish that I was upstairs in the winter when it is cold in my basement! Love how well organized you are!!! So wonderful to see where you create! :)

shirley-bee said...

Thanks for the tour of your gorgeous craft room, Mackie! I love how you've utilised the space. I'm also an empty nester working off the dining table, and after several years the penny had just dropped with me. We've just converted the tiny (and I mean tiny!!) spare bedroom and I've been relocating everything this weekend. I'll share some pics when everything (well almost everything) has found its place!

Sue Lelli said...

WOW! Super organized and FAB! Can I come play??? THX for the tour!

Lisa Elton said...

When Sue comes to play, I'll come over too for a crafty play date LOL!!! TFS Mackie, I love to see where others create!!

Maria said...

Wow! Super craft area and so organized! I'm finding I need a storage unit for my mixed media items now!:-) Thanks so much for the tour! Hope you are healing well, hugs!

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Mackie! Looks like a great place to create! I'll be looking for my invite in the mail :) TFS

yyam said...

Wow. What an amazing space. Love how organized you are!

Deborah Frings said...

I think your craft room is absolutely super. Beautifully organised and so tidy!

Kim S said...

When something is important to you, it should be the central point to everything!!