Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just a short update!

I have been absent! I have had a small family crisis. My son who lives in Raleigh, fell last Saturday night,skateboarding!!! and broke his ankle! Surgery with 6 screws and 2 plates were needed!!

And no weight on that foot for at least 2 weeks!!! My son's apartment is 2 flights up and his girlfriend's is 3 flights up!
Solution:come home to Mom and Dad's!!!!!! Now he hasn't lived at home in over 10 years!!!!! you can has been quite an adventure! The first few days were pretty trying, but now we have gotten into a routine. And of course, my son's pain is not quite as severe!

And second....our air conditioner is only operating at 50%!!!!!!!! The guy came out Friday and can't get back here until Wednesday to fix it! At least it is working partially!!! We have fans all over the house, so it is not conducive to being a patient healing from surgery OR stamping!
Anyhow, cards and blogging have been pushed to the back burner-TEMPORARILY!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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